Re: Jaws not speaking while typing in notepad but does in Word

Karen Reynolds

Hi Mike,

Thank you.





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Hi Karen,


Here's 2 other ways to access the ENU folder.  I'm pointing out these 2 ways in case your AppData folder is hidden in your UserName folder.


Press, Windows key + R, to open the Run dialog and type, appdata, and press enter.


In the appdata folder navigate to the Roaming subfolder and press enter to open.


Navigate to the, Freedom Scientific, subfolder and press enter.  Navigate to Jaws press enter, navigate to the version of Jawsyou want to access , press enter, press spacebar on, Settings, to select it and press enter, and now You'll be in another list, so in this list find the, ENU, folder.  Now you can simply copy and paste this folder somewhere but, change the name to reflect what Jaws version it is, ENU23, or something like that.



Open the Jaws context menu, with the keystroke, Insert + J, press the letter, U , to open the, submenu Utilities folder, navigate to the, Explore Utilities Folder,  press enter then, navigate to, Explore My Settings , and this folder holds everything in the ENU folder.  So you can select everything in this folder, copy it to the clipboard, create a new folder and name it ENU2023, and paste everything from the clipboard into it and you'll have an ENU backup doing it this way as well.


Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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Hi Mike,

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Karen and all

The Jaws Settings folder is at this path on my win10 desktop:

C:\Users\hp envy\AppData\Roaming\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2023\Settings\enu

An alternate way to find is through %appdata%

from the run dialog, type  "%appdata%" without the quote marks:

you'll see a listing for all the programs that have such data files. 

typing the letter "f" will get you to Freedom Scientific; and so forth.

My ENU folder has over 200 files; so, it's jampacked with stuff.
There are a bunch of JAWS scripts, including those I have for Leasey, place
marker files, et al.

Personally, I try backing it up every week or 2 and keep 2 back-ups on file.
I'm far more comfortable playing around with JAWS  settings when I have
back-ups just in case I either mess things up, something goes haywire as it
did for Karen, or I decide later that some changes are best undone.

And I like back-ups for some other programs/apps that are under %appdata%.

From what I understand, you can also get to the settings folder through
Jaws' Utilities menu.

I'm guessing that a knowledgable user might be able to make repairs by
replacing specific files in that folder.

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