What Happened To Popular CAPTCHA Solving Tools?

Kane Brolin

Lately I've had fewer problems with the dreaded CAPTCHA than I used to
have, given that more and more sites are building in a form of audible
solution. But recently, while attempting to fill out an e-mail form
in Internet Explorer, I ran across a purely visual CAPTCHA that
prevented me from sending the message. Having used Firefox with
Webvisum previously, I installed Firefox and then installed the
Webvisum add-on--only to find that Webvisum.com is now an inactive
domain and that there is no server at the other end of the equation to
help us solve visual CAPTCHA through this tool.l. Then, to my true
dismay, I looked for Solona and found that this service appears to be
down as well, its domain inactive and for sale.

What have I missed? Maybe I am channeling the spirit of Rip Van
Winkel and have slept through several years. Why are these services
down? Has anything replaced them? or have I just picked a bad night
to do this? As recently as February of 2012, I've noted listserv
entries that make casual reference to Solona and Webvisum.

Thanks to all for any enlightenment you can provide.

Kind regards,


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