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Thanks. It work.

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Hello try;

1, go to users/my documents, create a new folder called, WindowsLiveMail

2, open WLm,
And shift+tab to the
Top of the folders,

3, alt+f,
Down arrow until you hear;
Export email sub menu, press enter or right arrow to open, and choose
You now will see a screen;
Select the format you want to export email to.
Choose Microsoft windows mail.
Tab next press enter.
Now you will see/hear;
Please select a folder to store the exported messages:

4, now tab to browse,

Press enter,
Now you need to choose your newly created WLM folder, And then go to next.
You now will see a screen;
Windows Live Mail Export
Select Folders
Select the message folders that you would like to export to Windows Live
Here you choose,
All folders,
Or you could choose one folder,
Tab next,
The export process will begin.
The messages/files will be placed into the new folder yu created.

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Hi, all
Using jaws 13 and WLM. I have a folder with several emails that I would like
to copy to an external hard drive. Can I do so? If so, how?

Holger Fiallo
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