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Adrian Spratt

Hi, Mitch.

Ed's list of navigation keys includes three I've never used and look forward
to testing. I have a few suggestions along other lines.

Lately I've noticed a pattern where the article's header is followed by one
or more groups of links. One group might be a list of Twitter and other
feeds. Another group might be a list of related items. With this in mind,
when I'm on an unfamiliar website, the first trick I try is to press h until
I arrive at the heading for the article (typically the same heading as the
one for the entire page), then n (for skip group of links) one or more times
until I land in text. It doesn't always work, but it does often enough to
make it a good first attempt.

On newspaper websites, there's often a "print" link that takes you to the
same article but on a less cluttered page. It has the added advantage of
placing the entire article on a single webpage instead of having it broken
up into two or more parts.

NFB Newsline makes available uncluttered versions of articles from
newspapers around the country. I found signing up for this service annoying,
but NFB's customer service is helpful and, once the process is completed,
the service can be useful, though far from perfect.

This is how I now manage the New York Times, a paper that could take up my
entire day if I just relied on the NFB version. I subscribe to the NY Times'
daily email in which they give you the headlines and one-sentence synopses
of that day's stories in as many sections as you choose, ranging from
politics to sports, business to the arts. Each headline contains a link to
the online article. The email service is useful because it tells you what
the Times' editors deem the most important three stories in each category.
However, I find it time-consuming to keep going online for each article that
interests me. So I first load the NFB's copy of the Times into IE. Whenever
the Times email alerts me to an article of interest, I go to the NFB
version, already loaded in IE, and search for the headline. This process has
speeded up my reading of the Times considerably.

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Greetings: I am using the latest JAWS 13, Internet Explorer and XP Home.
As time goes by, it seems web sites of all types are getting more cluttered
in an inverse proportion to my ability to quickly navigate them for the
relevant text.
I don't know what is happening on the screen and am wondering if others have
tips or tricks to quickly find text while overcoming the sluggishness of
The only quick navigation key I use and one that often worked well in the
past was the 'N' key. Perhaps other impediments such as flash, etc. may be
at work here but it's all guess work for me.
I cannot at the moment list a specific web site for you all but, as I
mentioned, it seems that most newspaper sites are becoming tedious and
hopefully others have some hints for me to try.
Thanks for reading, Mitch
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