JAWS 13 & Web Site Navigation

Dave Mitchell

Greetings: I am using the latest JAWS 13, Internet Explorer and XP Home.
As time goes by, it seems web sites of all types are getting more cluttered in an inverse proportion to my ability to quickly navigate them for the relevant text.
I don't know what is happening on the screen and am wondering if others have tips or tricks to quickly find text while overcoming the sluggishness of JAWS.
The only quick navigation key I use and one that often worked well in the past was the 'N' key. Perhaps other impediments such as flash, etc. may be at work here but it's all guess work for me.
I cannot at the moment list a specific web site for you all but, as I mentioned, it seems that most newspaper sites are becoming tedious and hopefully others have some hints for me to try.
Thanks for reading, Mitch
"With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere."
Peter Robert Fleming

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