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My two cents: I wouldn't use Mcafee, though it is certainly jaws-friendly enough it's expensive and doesn't really do what a lot of the cheaper alternatives do. It also failed spectacularly to clean a piece of malware off my work computer, though it detected it upon every bootup..malwarebytes solved the problem and has generally been invaluable to me, so I would use that in combination with avast, or maybe AVG, though the latter seems to be getting weird lately. Eset and mod32 are also highly rated, though I have yet to try those out. One antivirus, and one antimalware/spyware is all you need...never run more than one of each if they're going to be operating in memory.

I would use Malwarebytes in combination with something like Avast, or maybe AVG

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I use Mcafee and if you put it in the task tray it is very accessible and
works great, trend micro was a nightmare, so don't go there , but windows
defender worked well and didn't cost anything like mcafee

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Hi,htmare so don't go there and I don't know if it is in Microsoft security
essentials , but windows defender worked really well too
I recommend Microsoft Security esencials - just google it.

With best regards,

Adi Kushnir, Israel.

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I'm running windows 7 and jaws 12. I'm looking for a free accessible
comprehensive security program that blocks viruses, spyware, etc. Any
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