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Thanks Greg,
I will look at it in the morning, my brained is fried. lol
This is as far as I got with my code. It is not behaving very well. Want a good laugh? run it. It is appalling what JAWS is spitting out.
<th nowrap="true" align="left" title="Select All">Select
<input type="checkbox"
onclick="for (i = 0; i < this.form.elements.length ; i++)
{if (this.form.elements[i].name=='selected')
{ this.form.elements[i].checked = this.checked;
<input type="checkbox" title="Select Item Number 368456708" name="selected" value="0" />

From: Gary King
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Subject: JAWS Training Module

The Training link on

takes you to a section of the site that has training for their products including JAWS. If you want to look at sample forms and their source code, check out the Surf's Up link.

Gary King
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