Moderated Re: JAWS Won't Read Windows 10 Settings Window

Annabelle Susan Morison

I tried that, but all I hear is "Search", (Type In Text)". Then when I arrow down, all I hear is "Start", (Type In Text). Then when I tab over from "Start", I hear nothing. What happened, I wonder?

On 01/07/2023 12:21 PM TJ McElroy gMail <> wrote:

Hi Annabelle,

I am not having any trouble accessing the start menu using Jaws.

Here is how I access the start menu:

Press the windows key, Jaws will say: search box edit

down arrow Jaws will say:  All Apps ( mine says checked )

keep down arrowing Jaws will say
your most used apps example: Notepad, Thunderbird, Jaws

keep down arrowing Jaws will say

the first start menu option that begins with a number, example 3d viewer, 7-zip

once you have cursored down past all of the start menu options that begin with a number,
Jaws will start listing the menu options that begin with the letter, A
then the ones starting with the letter, B
and so on.

At this point I must apologize, I do not remember how the start menu was displayed in Windows 7, however the start menu in Windows 10 and Windows 11 are very usable and well spoken by Jaws.



On 1/7/2023 2:51 PM, Annabelle Susan Morison wrote:
What about the thing with the start menu not reading with JAWS but reading with Narrator.
On 01/07/2023 11:45 AM TJ McElroy gMail <> wrote:

Hi Annabelle,

When accessing the setting menu using

windows + i

option, a search box first appears.

I rarely use the search box, instead if you tab once, you will be in a list view.

You may be able to change the list view, however if you do not change it, you can cursor left and right, up and down selecting different options, similar to when in the control panel.

When you find the option you want, hit enter on it, then tab to select the different settings.

#caveat: once you hit enter on a selected option, some options have a selection list that you can refine or choose different options.

navigate this list by cursoring up and down then once on your selected option, hit enter, then tab to choose other options.

an example would be choosing personalization options from the main list view.

this will bring up a list view to cursor up and down on to refine your personalization  option,
hit enter on your choice then tab to choose your chosen option,
once you have tabbed to an option, hit enter and you have selected that option

again, it is similar to the control panel. I am not saying it is better,, but it is usable.



On 1/7/2023 2:20 PM, Annabelle Susan Morison wrote:
Hey TJ!
By the way, I know somebody named TJ. He was a classmate of mine in Audio Engineering back in 2009 at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. I use both of those commands you mentioned. JAWS reads the Control Panel just fine, but it's the new fangled Settings window that JAWS can't seem to read. Why did Microsoft have to switch out the Control Panel for something that JAWS can't read? Same thing with the Start Menu.
On 01/07/2023 11:10 AM TJ McElroy gMail <> wrote:

Hi Annabelle,

How are you accessing the setting options?

For instance, I usually use the:

windows key + I

to access the settings options, however I still use the control panel every now and then.


On 1/6/2023 4:25 PM, Annabelle Susan Morison wrote:
It was reading them fine before Windows started updating.
On 01/06/2023 12:47 PM Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

Regardless of these issues, you really need to let Windows 10 update.  Any version of Windows that is under Windows as a Service, that is 10 and 11 for sure, must be allowed to update.

The 22H2 feature update was quite trivial.  While it may have triggered a latent problem, it almost certainly didn't cause it, and your having done a "nuke and pave" by clean reinstalling Windows 10 means it's an ideal time to update with the cleanest baseline possible.

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