Moderated JAWS Won't Read Windows 10 Settings Window

Annabelle Susan Morison

Hey guys and gals!
Has anyone else ever experienced this problem with JAWS 2021 and Windows 10's main settings menus? A critical Windows Update seems to have made it so JAWS can't read the "Settings" window (The new fangled version of the "Control Panel") or even the start menu in Windows 10. Narrator reads them just fine. How do I make JAWS read these Windows without installing Windows updates? The reason I don't want to install Windows updates is because last time I did that, back in December last year with update 22h2, it slowed my machine waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy down, pretty much to a crawl, so yesterday, I had to completely reinstall Windows 10 with the Internet switched off so I could create a Local Administrator account. Worse still, the new updates made it so that I couldn't install any programs or run programs as an Administrator, as it made me sign in with my Microsoft Account instead of letting me create a local account.

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