Re: Using Checkboxes with JAWS

Soronel Haetir

Interesting, when I tried the first checkbox all it says is
checked/unchecked as I change it.

However, sometimes on that page, if I use 'x' to navigate between the
two checkboxes then change the check state with space it does indeed
read out the following text again, but it doesn't seem to be very
consistent either way.

Even worse, I just realized it doesn't even always read the correct
text, I was on the second box and it was reading the text for the
first box. I haven't looked at the page source but I suspect that
the author is trying to be cute and failing.

On 6/18/12, Raymond Lombardi <ray214@...> wrote:

I just went to the website in question, and it worked very well for me.
I'm running Jaws 13. Does your client have windows 7? if so, is it 64-bit?
Please reply when you can.

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