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Adrian Spratt

Correction. I overlooked your subject line. Here's how to confirm that Adobe
Flash Player is up to date and, if not, how to update it in a simple,
accessible way. Just go to this website:
Once this page is loaded, you will be told if AFP is up to date. If not,
follow the instructions for how to download and install the update. A nice
point about this website is that there are no unlabeled buttons, as you
probably saw in the update alert you got on your system.

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How do I make sure that adobe 11.3 actually downloaded the other day. May
have aborted it.
Also, how do I make sure I have JavaScript enabled?
I use windows xp on a del pc with jaws 13. I use internet explorer, email
program is out look express.
I am totally confused about how to proceed.
Deb Ver Steeg

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