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Adrian Spratt

I'm baffled by your question and by this website.

First, I've checked and unchecked the checkbox. In both cases, JAWS reads
the entire line, by which I assume you mean "label." If you mean something
different, please advise.

I was surprised that the website instructs you to navigate to checkboxes
with the f key. Yes, this will work, but the more precise navigation key is
x for checkbox.

I have other concerns about the babying way in which the website's author
talks to new JAWS users. I don't know this organization or the person who
associates his/her name with it. However, navigating with JAWS doesn't
require genius, and new JAWS users shouldn't be discouraged by language
suggesting it does.

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Good Afternoon,

I am trying to help my client out with a problem in jaws and a
dynamically built html page. I found a page on the internet that shows the
error(?) they are getting. Its at .
The first time the page is loaded the label gets read as well as weather the
check box is checked or not. But after that when I click it, jaws does not
say the label information again. I do not have a license for JAWS so I can
not call Freedom Scientific and ask them if that's the way JAWS works or if
I have something incorrect in my html. Could one of you kind people with
jaws open this url and let me know if JAWS should or should not be rereading
the label for the field again when the checkbox gets checked or unchecked?

Thank you
Tom Michals
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