Re: Windows Starter with Jaws? was Netbooks with JAWS?

Negoslav Sabev

My netbook was bought from US 3 years ago with Win7 starter and worked well with jfw 11, 12 and 13.

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OK now I've got a question: Here in latinamerica the thery ry is when you
buy a netbook and want to install jaws, to be sure the >Netbook has Windows7
premium or Above since Windows7 Starter and Jaws don't get along fine. So
what have been your experiences when you guys buy pc with Windows7 Starter
and put Jaws on?

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Netbooks run just fine with JAWS. You might want to get a 6 or 9
cell battery instead of the 3 cell that usually comes with the
netbook. It might spoil the sleek lines of the computer, making a
little roll along the bottom by the hinges because it's bigger than
standard, but it will run longer.

The trick is to get Office installed, since a netbook doesn't have a
CD drive. I attached ours to our network, set the DVD player to
share, and installed from there. You can buy an external cd/DVD
drive, of course.

I have used an Aser and an HP, and both had enough memory to run
JAWS. They were purchased a couple of years ago. the newer ones
should be even better.

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