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Barry G

Many thanks to you Robert, as well as to Ann and to George! I will get looking immediately!

All the best and, again, many thanks,

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You might want to check out hp as I saw a netbook last week, that has 8 gb of memory more then enough to run Jaws, and the battery seemed to last quite a while.

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Netbooks run just fine with JAWS. You might want to get a 6 or 9
cell battery instead of the 3 cell that usually comes with the
netbook. It might spoil the sleek lines of the computer, making a
little roll along the bottom by the hinges because it's bigger than
standard, but it will run longer.

The trick is to get Office installed, since a netbook doesn't have a
CD drive. I attached ours to our network, set the DVD player to
share, and installed from there. You can buy an external cd/DVD
drive, of course.

I have used an Aser and an HP, and both had enough memory to run
JAWS. They were purchased a couple of years ago. the newer ones
should be even better.

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