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That was really funny when I read the first message you sent saying you would put your response at the top, while actually putting it underneath. By the way, nothing scientific, but I did ask a few sighted people, and they generally preferred the response first as well. My cousin said that if he asked a number of questions in an email, he'd like the answers inside the original email to make it clear what answer goes with what question, which I agree with. But in most other cases, he'd prefer getting right to the response.

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Oops! Old habbits die hard. Ok, this should be right at the top. *LOL*

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I would like to request putting your response at the top of the reply rather than under the original message. This way I don't have to read through the original post again before reading your thoughts.
Ok. I'll try to do so. Most sighted people like it the other way, so I'll adapt depending to which list I am posting.

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