moderated Re: Escape key: What does it do?


It happens when JAWS is off, so it must be the developers on the application side that are responsible for it.  In the case of a browser, if JAWS is off, then the focus won't be on whatever was in the virtual PC cursor's focus, obviously; but it will go back to links that had the keyboard focus in the web view.   A similar behavior is in Word. If you go deep into the backstage view, for example, by alt + f, then o, r, e, and tab a bit, then press escape, you'll go back to the document view with just one press. In Outlook, it's there in too. If you start in the inbox, then f6 to the status bar, then tab a couple of times, then press escape, you go back to your last spot in the inbox.  When this feature is there, it's a bit like a secret door that gets you back to your spot in a major working area.

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