moderated Re: Escape key: What does it do?


I can understand the situation with menus, sub-menus, or dialogs. In each of those situations, new content is added to interface content. If the focus moves into that new content and the user issues a command that removes that content, then something should remember where to return the focus. A user-friendly spot is the control that called the creation of the content.

However, when you press alt in Chrome, the focus just moves to the button menu. No new structural change has happened to the interface yet. Same with moving the focus to the address bar. The button menu and the address bar were not created. They were always part of the interface.  And yet, escape in those locations causes the focus to return to the last spot in the webpage that had focus.  

I recognize that escape on the web view doesn't go to the previous trail of items that had focus. The behavior is limited.  I'm more making the observation that there's seems to be an intentional UI behavior that is user-friendly.  Maybe the Chrome developers did it intentionally but beyond those enlightened few, the feature is not very common. 

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