moderated Escape key: What does it do?


I've noticed a pattern with escape key that I find a bit puzzling.

It seems to have a memory of where the focus has been.

Here's an example that moves the keyboard focus and then pressing escape moves it back.

In Chrome, go to a website and put the focus on a link.
Tab to a second link.

Press alt to move the focus to the Chrome button menu.

Press space to open the menu.

Down key to the bookmark sub menu.

Open the sub menu and go to a menu item, such as bookmark manager.


The keyboard focus is now on the Bookmark manager item in a sub menu in the Chrome button menu.

Now press the escape key.

Notice how the focus moves back

Press the escape key again

Notice how the focus moves back.

If you keep pressing the escape key, it will move back to the second link and stop there.


My question is: Is there a principle, pattern, or reason for what is going on? There seems to be some trail or logic that allows the focus to move back to a previous spot it was just at.

But it stops at some point, in this case the second link. It does not keep going back to previous links or anything like that.


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