Re: Just bought a new computer, now what? LOL

Milton Ota

You cannot use that backup to over write Windows 11.

You will find a lot of Windows 11 help by going to

This website is by Dan Clark former member of the staff at Freedom Scientific. He started this website shortly after he retired. The videos he has on that site are just one of the places to get started with Windows 11.

Another source is the Freedom Scientific webinar as there are a good number of tutorials that are short and easy to follow.

NBP National Braille Press just release a book on Windows 11 that is available in various formats and I saw that it sells for around $12.00.

To get JAWS on your computer, use Narrator or have someone download the full offline installer of the latest version of JAWS from the Freedom Scientific website.

Be sure that you have an Internet connection for you will need that to authorize JAWS.

HTH to get you started.

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Ok, so it's been nearly 10 years since I bought a new computer. I'm currently running Windows 10, but the new PC has Windows 11. How hard/easy is it to get started with 0 sighted assistance, and what's the best way to get JAWS on the machine?

Also, I have a flash drive that has an original backup for my old Windows 10 machine, can I just erase it and use it to make the back up for my Windows 11 machine?

Sorry for the questions, but the new PC should be here tomorrow and I'm anxious to have a new computer that works properly! lol


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