Re: making an envelope!



Just FYI, the issue you describe is impossible to fix unless you're at the computer the person using the template uses and using the printer they do.  There is often a need to adjust either one of those templates such that the return address (as that's where the problem lies) fits at the upper left corner where the specific printer can print it.  This varies from printer to printer, even those by the same maker but where different models are involved.

Once the template is tweaked to work with the printer you actually use, you should be able to use it without issue each and every time.

I doubt you'll find much difference with the built-in templates, as the issue is the same with these.  Depending on how closely placed to the actual envelope corner the return address happens to be, and where the printer can actually start printing, cut-offs can occur.

The templates I developed use a Canon TS6320 as the model they print on without any cut-off occurring.

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