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On Thu, Nov 24, 2022 at 01:23 PM, Morey Worthington wrote:
How in the heck would a person, a novice make a table??
Via the Insert Ribbon (ALT + N), Table Control (T), Insert Table option (I).  Then in the Insert Table dialog, enter the number of columns and rows you wish your table to have.  Then activate the OK button.  The table is created.

You should, after you get familiar with inserting a table, start looking through the Table Layout ribbon that shows up as soon as the table is inserted and you have focus on it.  It allows you to do things like saying the table has a heading row (for the columns) and/or a first column serving as a heading for each respective row, and much more.

It's also worth having a look at these resources for working with the ribbons interface.  Contrary to much consternation, they're really not at all that much different than the old menus, but the actual navigation commands are different.

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