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Milton Ota

You donh't say what size envelope this is for and or do you give information as to what kind of printer you are using.

In Microsoft Word the Create Envelope is found by the keyboard command ALT + M, arrow down and you will find Create Envelope. It will generally pickup the addressee if you are sending a letter with the addressee address.

If you have Word setup correctly with your address for the Return Address, it will also place that in the proper place, in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.

Opening the Options with ALT + O will allow you to select the envelope size and font.


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Hi Listers-

Well, I couldn't find a templet that would work for me, so here is what I did and it seems to work out great.

1. Open MS Word

2. Hit enter 12 times

3. Tab 3 times

4. Write the addressee's name

5. hit enter and enter street address.

6. hit enter and address the city/state

It comes out great!!!!

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