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Justin Williams

In my experience, tables work better for jaws.

Therefore, I'd use a table for anything I wold be using collumns for.



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Happy Thanksgiving all.

Kind of new to Word using W10 and Jaws Jaws 2022.

If I wanted to make a word document which had some columns in it, how in the heck does one go about putting columns of things side-by- side.

Maybe only 3 or 4 of them. Have tried pasting the second row by putting in the first column, then going to the top of that column, going to the end of that first word, tabbing once or twice and then pasting the , or what would be, the second column.

It sure wont stay where it is. It went above the first one. Hope you understand.

So now my probably confusing question, but how does one go about putting columns into a word document.

Enjoy the day.


Morey Worthington

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