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Bill White

Hi, Justin and Terrie. Total Recorder does have an evaluation version, but when recordings are made, a noise is inserted into the recording periodically. One good thing about Total Recorder, though, is that, once you buy the software, all version upgrades within the purchase level are free. By this I mean that, you cannot upgrade from the audio only version to the audio and video version for free, but if you buy the audio version, all audio version upgrades are free. Also, if you buy the audio/video version, all version upgrades within the audio/video version of the software are free.


Bill White




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Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 7:07 AM
Subject: Re: virtual recorder vs total recorder vs zoom recorder


Hi Justin,

I can answer your questions about the Zoom and Virtual recorders. You can record Zoom sessions only if you are the host, cohost, or if the host gives you permission. You can record to your PC or to the cloud. However, if you are attending a  Zoom session, the folks  running it may not want anyone else to record it with Zoom, so you won’t get permission to do so in that situation. Virtual Recorder lets you record anything that comes through your computer including Zoom sessions. It is on your computer and you can record without anyone else knowing and      you don’t need permission from anyone.  I know that Total Recorder does have a paid license . Not sure if it has a limited free version.


Terrie Terlau


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Subject: virtual recorder vs total recorder vs zoom recorder


I apologize for the way these questions are asked, but I don't know another way to do this.



I've just downloaded virtual recorder.

What is the difference between that and total recorder?


From what I just read, total recorder is an item for which I would have to pay.


I am looking to start having zoom meetings?


Are either of these two better than the zoom recorder?



Should I invest time in learning one of them?




I'm using jaws 2022

Windows 10







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