moderated Re: Getting to edit menu in One Drive

Marty Hutchings

Does this work for file links from other cloud services?

On 11/18/2022 6:40 AM, Michael Mote wrote:
Hi there. You can force these files to open in the native desktop app.
You do this by making an adjustment in your Word/Excel settings. If
you are in the desktop app, press Alt plus the letter F, followed by
the letter T for options. You should land on the general options. You
will need to use the down arrow key to find the advanced options, and
then tab to the option that says Link handling. Please note, you will
need to tab many times to find this. There are a lot of settings in
the advanced options. You will want to check the box that says "Open
supported hyperlinks to office files in office desktop apps. The
check box should be unchecked by default. Check the box, and then try
to access the document using the link sent to you. The file should
open in the native desktop app. I hope this helps.

On 11/18/22, Rahul Bajaj <rahul.bajaj1038@...> wrote:
Hi All,

My office colleagues use One Drive for collaboration. One challenge that I
face is this. Sometimes, a document is shared with me via email. I am
expected to open it, go to the edit menu, click on open in desktop, and
then the document will open in word. However, the problem that arises is
that I am unable to find the edit menu with the keyboard. ANy ideas?


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