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Marty Hutchings

I stand corrected then.  I was always under the impression that if I formatted a drive on accident, I would be screwed, that my data would be lost.

On 11/13/2022 7:39 PM, Dave Durber wrote:

Formatting a drive, does not erase any information which was Previously stored on the drive before it was formatted. There are a number of software data programs, which have the capability to recover data, even though a drive/sd card/memory stick has been formatted. The only way to ensure any and all data is erased from any storage medium, is to use a specific program or, a program which has the function, to perform a low-level format for the specific storage medium, which erases all format information and data from anSSD, HDD, SD card or memory stick.


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Can you just plug in the drive, go to Desktop and go to This PC. Arrow down to your drive and hit the Application or Context menu and arrow down to Format and hit Enter. This should wipe everything off of the drive.

On 11/13/2022 3:13 PM, Gene Warner wrote:
Hi everyone!

I need to securely wipe the content from three external hard drives that I am going to give to my brother. Is there a drive wiping utility that will wipe the entire drive that is accessible with JAWS?



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