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Dave Durber


At the time, I was using JAWS 9 and I couldn't afford to upgrade my SMA. So, Research It was not available to me.

It was a friend who suggest I install EdSharp and try it. I must admit, I have not used Research It extensively but, having followed all the threads on the subject and heard the problems JAWS users have with the utility, I cannot say that I am either impressed or keen to take it for a thorough test drive.


Dave durber

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I was curious why you invoked EdSharp, an application I've read about but
never used. For anyone interested, EdSharp's equivalent to JAWS's Research
It is described in detail at

Look for the Web Client Utilities link.

I'm guessing that Freedom Scientific views Research It as a selling point,
just as iPhone apps are a selling point for what would otherwise be just a
phone. It might pull in new customers, good for business but more
positively, also a way of encouraging increasing numbers of visually
impaired people to take this step toward independence. I'd like to say that
I wish we didn't see Research It and upgrade of job application
compatibility as an either/or proposition, but FS tech support people often
say that fixing this or that problem is a question of priorities. Resources
are limited.

I almost never use Research It. For definitions, I prefer my installed
Random House Webster's. for Wiki-type research, I prefer to combine Wiki
information with other options available through google. Stock information
is superior at other websites. As for sports scores, is anyone really
willing to say they're spending all the money they pay for JAWS in order to
find out what happened in baseball the day before?

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Especially as there are better third-party programs available which do a
much better job than Freedom Scientifics' attempt called ResearchIt.,
EdSharp, being one of them.

Freedom Scientific, should stop adding useless humps to a camel that is
already overloaded and which is groaning more and more under the weight.
Soon, the beast will not be able to stand up and carry the weight.

If they had the guts to do so, they would not release another version of
JAWS containing useless and irrelevant functions and utilities, but,
instead, concentrate on fixing many of the major bugs and problems that we
have all been complaining about for the last few versions. But, of course,
because they lack the political will to take such a brave decision, they
lack the moral fiber and guts to put such a decision into effect. So, do
not hold your breath.

Oh! As for them not counting Version 12 as an upgrade, they will behave in
the same way as Microsoft did over Vista, that is, they will act as if there

was nothing wrong with Version12, except to say, we will hope to do better
with the next version release. Yes! And the rest! hahahahahaha! Just
like we should believe that pigs and elephants can fly and there is a month
of Sundays!

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the effort and time wasted on a feature which is particular just to
Americans, is firstly useless, and secondarily shows how much FS cares
about its international users.

On 7/26/2011 7:06 AM, wrote:
until it breaks, i myself never use it i use the search engines found on
the internet and work quite well for me.

Legend has it that on Monday 7/25/2011 10:15 PM, Bill Spiry said:
I find Research it extremely useful.

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research-it will never be always fixed because when a page changes,
the research-it in jaws will always break. i think it should be
scrapped and make room for real fixes.
just my opinion.

Legend has it that on Monday 7/25/2011 02:54 PM, Kenny Peyatt said:
I like this new jaws update. It works great. I wish they would fix
the mlb scores in research it.

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