Moderated Re: Keyboard is acting very odd in browser

Mike Pietruk


I've seen the same weird kb behavior in Chrome, Edge and Firefox but not
in Brave.
It occurs with any screen reader and with at least 3 versions of JAWS:
2021, 2022 and the new 2023 so it's not a screen reader issue.
I've come across numerous suggestions as how to fix it but the best 2 I
can offer is not using any of those browsers or, if you have an old
back-up of your hd, switch to that with the hope that this
corruption won't reappear.
Most likely, directly or indirectly, the chromium platform probablyy plays
a role in this.

About the only consolation I can offer you is that it's likely not caused
by anything you have done and that you aren't alone in experiencing this.

Keeping fingers crossed that the Brave browser continues to work normally.

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