moderated Re: annual vs perpetual License which is better?

Annabelle Susan Morison

Hey Daniel!
Nice to meet you. If you ask me, I believe the perpetual license is superior as it won't ever expire. I have a perpetual license, which Freedom Scientific gave me back when I purchased JAWS 3.7. I still have it to this day, though the latest version that can run on it currently is JAWS 15 (they updated it for me for free, on my birthday!). I wanted to update it to run JAWS 2021, but my American sister insisted on giving me the Annual license which is due to expire in 5 years. This was simply because I had to get a new computer last year after my Dell decided to fail on me, and I was short on funds. Luckily this machine is a custom built one. Both my machines are. One has Windows 7 (The one with JAWS 15 Professional), and this one I'm on right now, the one with JAWS 2021 Home, has Windows 10, with which I've had more troubles than ever!

On 10/29/2022 12:06 PM Daniel McGee <danielmcgee134@...> wrote:

Hello all

Just recently got my Jaws more up to date. I'm not running the latest
but I'm not far behind either. This leads onto my question.

Since I live in the UK and our Jaws distributer is: Sight and Sound.
When in discussion with them, about getting my Jaws upgraded, I
mentioned the annual licensing system. Apparently though, we don't have it.

My question is: those who live in the US or Canada, Do you prefer the
"annual licensing system" over the older "perpetual license." If so why?

With kind regards


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