Moderated Re: add-ons / scripts to read Thunderbird more efficiently?

leonard morris

I am not a frequent NVDA user, but I would like to try the ad on for the Thunderbird email client. I went to the manage add-ons and I found the heading for Thunderbird but I couldn’t find how to download the package for Thunderbird I might say. Also, can someone send me the address to go to the NVDA subscriber email list I would appreciate it thank you. 

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On Oct 20, 2022, at 4:22 PM, Daniel McGee <danielmcgee134@...> wrote:

Hello all

I must admit, I find myself quite spoiled with the

Mozilla Apps Enhancements  addon for NVDA..

Particularly in the way I can just arrow up and down the lists of messages. If a subject interests me, just press Caps-Lock A to read all. So efficient!

Does such a feature exists using Jaws 2022.



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