Re: Need Jaws scripts or helpful hints for working with Lotus Notese-mail

Tom Behler


As I said in my last post, I'm running Jaws 13.0.924--which is the latest update.

In fact, at the instruction of FS, I did a fresh install of the software directly from the FS web site.

Tom Behler

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Which version of Jaws are you running? if you're running Jaws 13 you need to update to the latest build.

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Subject: Need Jaws scripts or helpful hints for working with Lotus Notes e-mail

Hello, all.

At my place of work, we have been using Lotus Notes e-mail for years, and I have struggled to make it accessible with Jaws with varying degrees of success.

Recently, however, the situation has worsened.

The University has upgraded to Lotus Notes 8.5.3, and I am finding my various trategies for using Jaws with it not to work in many instances.

For example, when I now go to my e-mail inbox, and hit enter on a message from my message list, I can't read down through the message. My PC cursor stops at the text of the message, and will not go any further. The only way I can read the message is to pretend that I am replying to it, after which I can scroll down through the message's initial text.

In addition, I'm finding it next to impossible to find and access attachments from the various e-mails I receive.

I have called FS about this, and they have not been very helpful. I think this is because Lotus Notes is not an e-mail program with which they work every day.

I have consulted the Jaws Help Topics on Lotus Notes, and it seems as though I have things configured as they suggest.

I am using Jaws 13.0.924 with Windows 7 at the office.

Does anyone have any Jaws scripts for Lotus Notes, or any helpful hints for optimizing Jaws with it?

Thanks for whatever info or thoughts you can provide.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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