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Bill White

Hi, Hareth. Why not try TCA Media Downloader. It is portable, meaning that you don't need to install it, and it does work with Windows 7. I'll send a link for it below, along with instructions to change the interface language to English.

How To Change From Spanish To English

1. Start the program.
2. Press ALT plus M.
3. Press the letter O for Options. You will be in the General Options.
4. Once in this General menu, TAB once, and press the letter I for Ingles, which is Spanish for English.
5. TAB to the ACCEPTAR button and press ENTER.
6. Once you press the ACCEPTAR button, the program will tell you in Spanish that the language has been changed, and that the program needs to restart.
7. You will be on another ACCEPTAR button, which is equivalent to an OK button. Press ENTER.
8. The program will now restart in English, and will stay that way until changed in General Options.

Change Options

1. Start the program.
2. TAB through, and set format, audio quality, Custom directory, and custom output filename.
3. Press ALT plus M, followed by the letter O, and set the options in the following categories,
General, Search / URL bar, Player, and Sound
4. Go to the folder where TCA Media Downloader's program files are stored, find the .exe file that starts the program, and create a desktop shortcut for this file.

Bill White


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Like many other apps and web browsers, No go with windows7.

On 10/15/22, Joseph Machise <jdmachise@...> wrote:
hareth this accessible youtube downloader pro doesn't work using windows7

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For ease of use player and downloader, check accessible youtube
downloader pro, its free, you can set its default to download as mp3
as well.

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