Moderated Re: Sound settings do not appear to be turned on in Safe Mode in Windows 10


On Sat, Oct 15, 2022 at 07:20 PM, Dave Durber wrote:
None of the systems which I am running Windows 10, show an option called "Safe mode with Networking". Do I need to do something in order for that option to be shown in the Boot Tab in MsConfig?
It is shown in the boot tab of MSCONFIG.  I'm just not used to using MSCONFIG to do a safe boot and the networking choice comes up before Windows boots using the method I usually do.

In the Boot Tab of MSCONFIG, there is a checkbox for "Safe Boot" which you must check.  Associated with that checkbox, and only accessible once it's checked, are a series of 4 radio buttons:  Minimal, Alternate Shell, Active Directory Repair, and Network.  Checking the Safe Mode checkbox and activating the Network radio button causes a safe mode boot with networking.

Something I've had happen once when using the MSCONFIG method is that when the machine restarted it would not accept my password or pin initially, but if I held down the power button until it shut off, then restarted it again with the power button it took it and went into safe mode.  I have no idea how consistent this is, as I don't use the MSCONFIG method at all often to induce safe mode boot.

Remember that after you've done the boot into Safe Mode with Networkig using this method, that you have to invoke MSCONFIG while you're in Safe mode and go back to Normal startup in the General Tab in order to get the computer back to booting typically.  Otherwise you end up booting into Safe Mode (with Networking) repeatedly until you do so. 

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