Moderated Re: Chromium Fix for JAWS Problem Has Been Issued

Steve Nutt

That’s why I use Chrome. Edge is always behind with such fixes.


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Subject: Re: Chromium Fix for JAWS Problem Has Been Issued


Hi, Brian. Edge was updated, but even Microsoft admits that the newest update to Microsoft was not released to address the context menu activation issue.


Bill White




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Subject: Chromium Fix for JAWS Problem Has Been Issued


And Chrome and Brave have definitely already integrated it yesterday, and I believe Edge has, too, as it's updating on my machine as I type.  One way to force updates on any Chromium-based browser is to look at Help, About {Insert browser name here}.  The About dialog always checks to see if any updates exist, and will download them for immediate application if they do.

For those who want the details, see: 

The key tidbit:

AT actions API: Always expose default action at index 0.
Nodes are expected to know if they have a default action assigned, and
return that knowledge via HasDefaultActionVerb(). We found some cases
that, nonetheless, report false incorrectly on Windows platforms.
This causes serious regressions with JAWS, so we introduce a workaround
to expose the default action unconditionally.
(cherry picked from commit c287736e2fce23aef17a48bb2fd0bb1c240da75c)


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