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Steve Nutt

It takes you to an area of the site that is highlighted to give attention to
a sighted person. It may not be a link or heading, but merely a font change.
But anything that grabs the eye.

It's unique as far as I know in the screen reader world.

All the best


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Subject: Re: Smart glance and Microsoft Word

What is smart glance supposed to do?

At 04:57 AM 10/6/2022, you wrote:


I'd use the beta feedback form, because since the beta is public, you
are quite entitled to feed it back.

Are you sure it doesn't work? You did turn on virtual cursor in Word?

All the best


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Sent: 30 September 2022 21:18
Subject: Smart glance and Microsoft Word

Hello everyone,

I noticed that this amazing and wonderful new feature introduced in
Jaws 2023 Beta only works in Web Pages and PDF documents. It would be
outstanding, however, if it will work in Microsoft Word because it will
make easier to go straight to the text that contains some attributes.
Is there any beta tester in this
lists? I'm using the Beta, but we all know
that FS pays much more attention to some users than others. I'm not
whining or complaining, just saying that this feature is worth
someone letting know these guys the amazing feature that it would be.


Leo Bado

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