Moderated Re: Doesn't Freedom Scientific monitor discussion lists of its products?

Madison Martin

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that I went on to the Visperro website looking for discussion lists and it specifically said that they don't monitor any of the lists that were listed which were all 3rd party lists so I think that answers the question. I agree with others; I always come to these 3rd party lists with any questions first as I've never found vendors to be very helpful unless of course it's a specific question about whatever I ordered from them.

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There is yet another reason why 3rd party discussion groups such as this one are often better than going to Vispero with your questions.

A while ago I was trying to use a program (sorry, I don't remember now which program it was) and contacted Freedom Scientific (that's what they were called at that time) for help Their response was, "We don't test or support using that program with JAWS." Then they closed the ticket.

With an attitude like that, I seriously doubt that they bother to monitor anything outside of their control.


On 10/10/2022 6:11 PM, Mike Pietruk wrote:

I have no idea if Freedom Scientific monitor 3rd party email lists or not.
I'm sure that they have plenty of feedback to be aware of issues with
their products.

What I cherish about 3rd party independent lists such as this one is
that you find solutions to issues which may work better than official
company ones.
There may well also be members on a list that, while not publicly
responding, do work for Freedom Scientific and then share findings of
things they may feel require the company's attention.
Frankly, lists such as this tend to function better when folks feel
free to share what works for them even if it's not an official answer.

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