moderated Re: Say pane name with different voice


Hi Udo,

I'm a bit unclear about the difference between a voice profile and a voice alias. But it would be great to have some distinct voice dedicated to the pane.

For your first question, when pressing f6, it would be great if it worked both when moving the focus and when pressing JAWS + t
For example, in Outlook:
If the focus is in the inbox and the user presses f6, we'd hear JAWS say
in pane voice: status bar
in regular voice: display settings, button

Then if we press JAWS + t, we'd hear
in regular voice: Outlook
in pane voice: status bar

For consistency, it might be helpful to have a voice that is dedicated to saying the application window name. For example:
JAWS + t
in app window voice: outlook
in pane voice: status bar

For your second question: yes, you are right.



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