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I wonder if that can be found in the Bios. Maybe Markus could help with that as well. Or would he have to open up the tower to see that?

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They each have a different serial number.


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Both solid state drives are 500 GB Western Digital Blue. I wouldn't be able to tell which is which, as both of them are the same model.

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How would you be able to tell when a solid state drive fails? I've only had this machine since 2021.

The easiest way is by running the diagnostic software for the specific SSD manufacturer.  They virtually all provide somesort of monitoring/diagnostic software.  You'd have to look in Disk Manager, and use the Properties, Hardware tab for the drive to determine its model number, then do a quick web search on that model number to get the manufacturer (that is if you don't already know which maker your SSD is from).  Then go to that maker's website, support, downloads and fetch their dedicated monitoring/diagnostic software.

But, if you have anything on your system that presents you with the drive's SMART data, have a quick look at that, as you'll generally get warnings based upon any parameter that's "outside normal limits."  CrystalDiskInfo is a third party utility that uses this, and other data from the drive, and when I have NVDA up when CrystalDiskInfo is active, the "status button" that tells me the overall health (good), drive temperature in degrees C, and the actual logical drives (C: and D: in my case) on the SSD is the first thing it lands on.

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