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I wonder if this might work to get my Start Menu defaults back. Perhaps it might fix the problem of "Click on Submenus when I pause on them". How to Get Your Windows 10 Start Menu Back: 10 Steps (

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This is where a bit of Linux knowledge is useful.
One can use a Linux command to copy the windows partition to another partition with the DD command in the Linux command line.
You can make a booting Linux like you can make a talking WinPE.
In the Linux terminal, you would use the DD command like this:
sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc
This is an example, your parameters would likely be slightly different, but such a command makes a mirror image of a target partition that you can store away.
Really, if people are just doing eMail, some audio and some web pages, it would be more like using windows 7 than using windows 10 is.
You still have the pull-down menus, no ribbons in Linux, and the desktop is like in windows.
And the free Liber Office can use the windows office format.
It's sort of like a Mac for free, only the keyboard commands are like windows.
Linux and Mac OS have the same roots, so under the hood, they are about the same, but the Mac desktop is somewhat different with respect to the keyboard.
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The Windows Backup utility was deprecated all the way back in 2007.  Microsoft stated then that 3rd party solutions should be used.  It is retained strictly in case someone has an ancient backup that they need to get on to an external hard disk.

Microsoft Announcement of Deprecated Features, including SIB [Backup and Restore (Windows 7), V1709]

Whenever inexplicable issues present themselves “out of the blue” and with seemingly no reason, these are the two things I try first, in order:

1. Using DISM (Deployment Imaging Servicing and Management) and SFC (System File Checker) to Repair Windows 8.1, 10 & 11

2. Performing a Windows 10 or 11 Repair Install or Feature Update Using the Windows ISO file

If #1 fixes the issue, #2 is unnecessary.

For backup, Macrium Reflect Free is an excellent utility.  Using Macrium Reflect Free with a Screen Reader

I do not know of any of the most-well known backup and recovery utilities that are accessible for recovery.  Screen readers require an operating system to be running before they can run, and in most cases where you're doing a recovery it's because there's been some catastrophic failure of Windows itself or the drive on which it was resident.  Windows is not running at this stage of the game, or at least not regular Windows, but Windows PE (Pre-Installation Environment) which does not come with native screen reader support.  There were versions of Windows PE that had NVDA (I think) packaged with them, but they're hard to find and if you don't know much about the recovery process they're of somewhat limited use.

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