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Gene Warner

Then you should be able to sort them by simply pressing control+shift+O, you'll get the favorites dialog and land on the favorites bar tree view which is collasped. Right click on it (press the application key or shift+F10), then arrow down to 'sort by name', then press Enter. That will sort your favorites. Then to get out of the favorites dialog, press escape.

I hope that works for you!


On 10/4/2022 6:48 PM, Madison Martin wrote:
I don't store my favourites in folders
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If you store your favorites into folders as I do, you have to get into the favorites manager, then go to the favorites bar drop down list, open it, then arrow down to the folder you want to sort, then right-click, then chose 'sort by name'.
Unfortunately you have to do this for each folder seperately, there is no way to sort all of your favorites in one step.
That is why it is my opinion that Internet Explorer had the best favorites system of any and all browsers, bar none.
On 10/4/2022 6:13 PM, Madison Martin wrote:
Thanks for these instructions Bill; however sadly they didn't solve
the problem

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Hi, Madison. Try the following,

1. Open Edge.
2. Press CONTROL plus SHIFT plus O.
3. TAB once. When you tab, you should hear, Favorites heading level 1 Button 4. Press ENTER on that button.
5. Now press the Applications key, or if you don't have an Applications key, press SHIFT plus F10.
6. Arrow down to, Sort by name, and press ENTER.
7. Close Edge, and reopen it.
8. Your favorites should now be sorted in alphabetic order.

Bill White


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Control shift o only brought up the list of my favourites

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It isn't, Edge stores its favorites in a proprietary file. To sort your favorites you have to use the favorites manager in Edge. To get there press control+shift+O, you'll get some dialog I've never been able to quite figure out, so immediately after pressing control+shift+O I always press 'B' to get to the first button in the dialog then click it, that will close the dialog and open a new tab with the favorites manager in it.

Browsing history does the same thing. There used to be a setting that would disable that dialog so you would go straight to the history or the favorites manager, but Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom got rid of it as far as I could determine.


On 10/4/2022 1:42 PM, Madison Martin wrote:
Hi Glenn,

How do I get to the user folder?

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Well if Edge is like its predecessor, in the user folder, under the
user's name, you have folders, and one is called "favorites".

Try going into that folder, don't select anything, and change the
sort order of the folder's contents.


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Sorry Annabelle but I don’t know if this can be done as I don’t even
remember where I went to get them arranged alphabetically so
unfortenately I can’t go check and provide you with an answer but
hopefully another wonderful list member can help you out

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Hey Madison!

By the way, I have a cousin with that name. I've been wondering how
to arrange favorites by Date Added. Isn't there a way to do that in
Microsoft Edge? The only parameter I've been able to find is "Sort By

On 10/03/2022 2:42 PM Madison Martin <madison.martin2000@...
<mailto:madison.martin2000@...>> wrote:

Hi all,

All of my favouritess are in alphabetical order except for two; is
there any way that I can get these two to be in alphabetical order
like all of the other ones? . Using latest versions of Jaws, Edge
and Windows 11 21h2.


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