Moderated Re: Now FireFox is causing problems

Gene Warner

This may be a configuration provided by Vispero but with Internet Explorer and now with Edge I have always used control+F and it has always brought up the JAWS search dialog, not the browser's.


On 10/4/2022 10:02 AM, Chris Hill wrote:
Why control-f?  Insert ctrl-f is what you should be using with jaws, ctrl-f just uses the browser to search its page, and that has never worked well with speech.
On 10/4/2022 08:56, Kevin Meyers wrote:

Hello, Has anyone encountered any problems using FireFox? I press control f to search on the page. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t do anything. Plus the time I do anything on the page it will take 30-40 seconds before anything happens. My download speed is 240 MBPS. I started using FireFox since Google has the problem of a menu coming up when pressing enter on a link on the page. Thanks, Kevin

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