Re: JAWS and OCR

Raymond Lombardi <ray214@...>

yes, it will read pdf files.
Either by ocr or just reading normally.

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Subject: JAWS and OCR

Hi all,
I am currently using jaws 10 and thinking of upgrading to jaws 13. So I am trying a demo of JAWS 13, and am very interested in its possible ability to read .pdf documents. Can anyone tell me if the newest latest jaws programs reads .pdf files? And what does this mean? Does it read .pdf documents which are just images? Or does it have to be saved as text? And if the answer is that it has to be saved as text, then Adobe already did that. If, however, it should be able to read a document which has been saved as an image, can anyone tell me how to get the program to work. Because it is currently just telling me that it is an empty document, just as the jaws 10 does.

I would really appreciate your input.


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