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Thank you.


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I am not using the same combination of software as you but I find the with I
E I often have to use jawsKey + escape to force a refresh of the screen.
If you turn on the jaws cursor and check out the screen you will probably
find that the page it self has changed but jaws has not updated it self ,
therefore the weird thing you are experiencing.

Tom Bisset
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Please can you help

I'm currently using JFW 12 and Windows 7 in conjunction with IE9. Up to now,
everything has been working fine, until today.

Whenever I launch IE9 - which usually defaults to Google, my homepage - I'm
more often than not experiencing the following:

* No window is active
* the Google page which I am unable to navigate

Then when I attempt to attempt to open Facebook through the mobile site, I
am either left still sitting in Google, or on FB's home page, but unable to

Don't know why this is happening. Everything's been fine for the past 3

Has anybody else experienced this - or a similar - problem?

Already I've cleared my internet history, updated windows and rebooted my
system, but to no avail.

Your help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Kind regards


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