moderated Re: freedom scientific voice assistant is using your microphone

Marty Hutchings

Kevin,  Freedom Scientific is using your microphone for the voice assist feature that they call Sharky.  It has nothing to do with Zoom.  The reason that other Zoom meeting members would be hearing JAWS could be that you have enabled screen share, which also means that your computer sound is also shared.  Disabling Screen share should help.  If you have JAWS playing through speakers, then it is going to be heard by your meeting participants when your microphone is unmuted.  The only way to avoid this is to use headphones.

On 9/27/2022 8:59 AM, Kevin Meyers wrote:

Hello, I’m using most recent versions of Jaws2022 and windows10. For the last few months when I’m using Zoom other people in the Zoom call can hear Jaws when I’m using an ear bud. I have tried a ear bud with a microphone and one with out. No difference. I just noticed on the tool bar one item it says “freedom scientific voice assistant is using your microphone.” Could this be causing the problem? Is this suppose to be on? Is there a way to stop this if it could be causing the problem? Thanks, Kevin

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