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Dani Pagador

Hi, David.
It seems everything in Win7 is tied up in one ribbon or another. *pun
I know that JFW announces the shortcut keys that can be used, but is there a
way to be able to see the keystroke combination on a braille display? I know
that a lot of the shortcuts previously used with older versions of Excel can
still be used, but I don't know them, and when JFW says the shortcut, it
goes by way too fast for me to memorize.

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I figured it out at work today but I can't tell you how until I get back on
the windows 7 machine Tuesday. It is tied up in a ribbon. {;-) Grin If I

don't see the answer on the list I'll give it a try again and post the

David Maynard

Franklin NC


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Subject: Cell width in Excel

How do I find out the width of a cell in Excel 2010? I thought insert+f1
included cell width, but it appears not to.

Thanks a bunch.


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