Re: Using Yahoo's New Mailbox using JAWS

Angela Delicata <angeladelicata@...>

Thanks for the suggestion... very good indeed.

Angela from Italy.

Il 24/05/2012 00:48, Candy ha scritto:

Rick, I use the yahoo mobile site and find it is much easier to use than the regular site. Go to and then click on mail. Then you can put it in your favorites. If I can help you any, let me know.

On Wed, May 23, 2012 4:11 PM CDT Eric Ngondi wrote:

hey rick,
kindly share those new keys for yahoomail, you could even send me off
the mail list.. thanks much.

On 5/22/12, Rick Miller<mil9@...> wrote:
I am aware of the shortcuts that Yahoo has created for its new mail
structure. But where I am having trouble is getting to the table of
messages. When I sign into Yahoo mail, just hitting the letter M does not
take me to the table of messages in my inbox. Am I doing something wrong?
If so, what? Have any of you managed the new Yahoo mailbox successfully?
Perhaps you could give me some tips. Also, is there a way to turn the
toolbar in Yahoo Mail off?

Rick Miller

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