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Marty Hutchings

So basically, KeePass is the same thing as the Excel database that I already had set up for my passwords, but more incripted?

On 9/23/2022 4:36 PM, Alan Lemly wrote:
Hi Marty,

What I would do in your described scenario is to go to the website, open KeePass with the custom shortcut I've created, look up the appropriate entry in my KeePass database, and then do a ctrl + b to copy the username followed by a ctrl + c to copy the password which I would pasted in the appropriate places on the website. I'm not a fan of automatic entry of anything so I much prefer to do the copying and pasting steps manually.

Alan Lemly

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I have downloaded and installed KeePass. I set up a new database and choose a password. Now, what happens when I go to one of my websites that I have an account on? Do I put in the user name and the new pass word that I set up with KeePass? How does the website know that there is a new password? I didn't go and change it on each site.

On 9/23/2022 9:04 AM, soner wrote:
hello, you do not need to pay for password managers. You can use
KeepAssXC which is free, open source and accccessible with which you
could hide your passwords in its encrypted database and save it in
your USB drive or on cloud.

On 9/23/22, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:
Hi Robin,

You like the same things about KeePass on the computer that I do.
I'll add that I got the KeePass for Windows free and KeePass Touch for 99 cents.
was a very hard price to beat. And I much prefer to manage all my
KeePass passwords on my computer with a full-sized keyboard and use
the iOS app for pasting passwords when needed.

Alan Lemly

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Robin via
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2022 11:00 AM
Subject: Re: password managers


Your steps were very straightforward. I think I've done this before,
but it
felt cleaner this time, for whatever reason. I'm saving your steps. To
your point, I think the browse thing used to open to iCloud by
default and that was throwing me off. This time, it opened to Dropbox immediately.
Interestingly, as I swipe to hear the files in my DropBox list, I am
hearing VO say "in iCloud" just before the date and file size. Not
sure why that is, but the header at the top clearly says Dropbox and
it's the list of files on my DropBox account.

I'm sticking with managing my entries on my laptop. I just couldn't'
figure out how to get a change I made on the database with KeePass
Touch to save to the file on Dropbox. It's like KeePass doesn't fully
support a true synching
option, even though I selected that option when I set up the app. It
be nice, but I once overwrote some entries when I saved my iPhone
file back to Dropbox, so I'm a bit gun shy about it.

I do find the Window app very easy to use with JAWS. I like the
simplicity of the interface, use of context menus and old-fashioned menu system.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 2:44 PM
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Subject: Re: password managers

Hi Robin,

I also use KeePass on my Windows 10 computer and KeePass Touch on my
13 Mini. Those two are both accessible and enable me to store what I
need without any fuss. I like that when a KeePass Touch entry is open
on my iPhone, I can swipe to the password field and do a single
finger double tap on the screen and the password value is
automatically copied to the clipboard for easy pasting elsewhere. I
always manage my KeePass password entries on my desktop computer
because I find having a full screen keyboard available for input much
easier. I also keep my KeePass database file in a Dropbox folder and
these are the steps I use to update that database file on my iPhone
when I've changed the database on my computer:

1. Open KeePass Touch. If the app prompts you for Face or Touch ID and
opens your database file, place focus on the Files back button in the
upper left corner of the screen and double tap.
2. If you don't automatically open an existing database file, you
should already be on the Files screen.
3. On the bottomline toolbar at the far right is an Add button which
you should double tap.
4. You'll be given options to Create new database or Import. Execute
5. Two mor options of Browse and Cancel will appear and you should
execute Browse.
6. I think because I upgraded to iOS 16 earlier today, I was taken
directly to iCloud drive which I did not want so I executed the More
button from the top line menu.
7. I then swiped to Dropbox and double tapped.
8. I then swiped to the applicable KeePass database file and double
tapped on it causing it to load and for KeePass Touch via Voiceover
to provide the most recently date of update. Touch or Face ID should
have granted access provided you have them set up here.

I believe those steps were fewer by two or three steps the last time
I did this but as I said, I updated to iOS 16 earlier today and I
expect that caused the steps to be a bit different.

I'm not totally up-to-date on the latest news but I'm pretty sure I
heard something in the past few days about LastPass being hacked. You
might let your employers know about that.

Alan Lemly

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Subject: Re: password managers

I am using KeePass on my Windows 10 laptop and on my iPhone. It's very
accessible with a simple interface, although I'm sure I'm not using
it to the fullest. My only annoyance, and this is likely my
ignorance, is that I'm storing the shared file on DropBox and it
doesn't' seem like my iPhone opens the newest version of that file
on my phone. It might work better if I was storin the file on
iTunes, but I just haven't gotten there or spent the time to research
it. Because of this, I only update the database on my Windows laptop
and just pull the new file to my phone. I just don't have the synching sorted out in my head.

But I like that it is free and a really simple interface. I haven't tried
any other apps. My company is now using LastPass and I need to explore
that, but it's low on the list of things to conquer.


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Subject: password managers

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Hi list,

Which password managers are the most accessible with Jaws and also
have an Accessible IOS app? Has anyone used "dashlane" before? Thanks for any info.

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