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david Jennette

It’s not free but I’ve found 1password to be accessible. It works with Pc’s as well as I-Os devices. You have to create an account and everything sinks threw that. When you create the account it generates a key so even if someone were to guess the password to the account, they’re not getting in do to not having that key.


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PW Safe works well and is free for Windows.  The iOS version is very accessible but there is a one time charge for the app.  You can share the database between your iOS device and Windows using dropbox but there is a charge for that feature.  You can also install iCloud for Windows and access the database across both platforms and that option is free.  I have been using PW Safe on my Mac, iPhone and Win 10/11 machines for about 10 years without any issue.  

Stascom is no longer supported and I don’t think they have updated the code in over 2 years.  PW Safe is actively being developed.



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Hi list,

Which password managers are the most accessible with Jaws and also have an Accessible IOS app? Has anyone used “dashlane” before? Thanks for any info.


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