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David Diamond

Husna, Remember Non U S citizen’s could not have taken advantage of the sale, from what I believe. Even if they could the exchange rate would not be worth their while.   


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Ah, Your friend should have got it in the summer sail, would have been much cheaper, too late now and I suppose he can’t wait until next summer, that’s nearly a whole year away.





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Hello there:


Tell your friend to wait for the official release date of JAWS Version 2023. Vispero generally offer a discount price to upgrade. This may or, may not benefit your friend. your friend will need to pay an upgrade fee from JAWS 2019 to 2023, then your friend will need to pay for the SMA.




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This is a brain freeze or senior moment question. Currently, my friend is at JAWS2019, he wants to upgrade, does he have to payoff the 2020 thru 2022 to eventually get an SMA at 22 with 23 and 24 waiting in the wings





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