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Marty Hutchings

The version that I got from the link that is given here is from April of 2014.  I am pretty sure that this is the same one that I had back then.  If there is any improvement in accessibility in this version, I would chock that up to updated JAWS or NVDA.

On 9/18/2022 10:02 PM, Cornelius wrote:

Nobody in their sane mind would trust malware.

However if we are talking about Malwarebytes here, is there any reason not to trust the software?


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Subject: Re: Latest version of Malware Bytes


I would not trust Malware




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Subject: Re: Latest version of Malware Bytes


I have been using both Malwarebytes Premium and Privacy VPN the past few months. Both are very accessible with JAWS.


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Subject: Latest version of Malware Bytes


Has anyone noticed the improved accessibility in the latest version of Malware Bytes? Much improved.  Tom!

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